authorPOINT 3.9

authorPOINT is a plug-in tool that works inside your PowerPoint....

authorPOINT is a plug-in tool that works inside your PowerPoint. You will find the authorPOINT menu and tool bar in your PowerPoint window. Simply install authorPOINT.

Then open your PowerPoint presentation and you are ready to begin capturing your synchronized authorPOINT presentation by clicking the capture button.

You can captureaudio only to complete audio/video. The result is a completely synchronized presentation with your slides, corresponding audio/video, speaker notes (optional),and easy to use navigation tools.

All of us have read a PowerPoint presentation and wondered what the real message was and what was really important. That is not surprising. According to some studies the written word only communicates 7% of what we mean.

Slides without audio/video are just bare. By adding audio or audio/video to your presentation you can greatly enhances your audience's understandingof the facts and figures in your slides.

Voice tones and inflections can account for as much as 38% of the understanding a normal conversation. Where you place emphasis speaks volumes that are very hard to accomplish with words only in PowerPoint slides.

Say you will like it four times changingthe emphasis word to word each time. The whole meaning shifts. Now add video and you can add another 55% to understanding.

Video allows you to include all those body language cues we all use the smile, the twinkle of the eye, the raised eyebrow, the lean,the crossed arms, the tilt of the head.

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